How to apply

There are several ways to apply to change your insurance cover

Apply online

Log on to MyLife Online, the member secure site, from your super fund’s website. Under the Insurance section, click on the ‘Insurance & claims management’ button on the right of the screen. Follow the simple online application process.

Call us

Request a telephone interview with our Insurance underwriting team. A representative of the Insurer will call you at a mutually convenient time and take you through the application, and you will find out straight away whether your application is successful or if there is any extra information required.

Call 1300 963 720

Our Financial Planning team

Speak to one of our Financial Planners to discuss your insurance needs. They can assist in identifying your insurance needs and determine the appropriate level of cover for you. They can also help you complete an insurance application or you can use one of the other options listed here to apply for additional insurance. Call 1300 963 720 or book an appointment online to speak to a planner. Please note, a fee may apply.

Book an appointment

Complete the form

Complete the Adjusting your Insurance Cover – Apply or Increase form available from the Resources section of our website, or by calling 1300 963 720

Download the form

Your application is subject to assessment and acceptance by the Insurer. Additional premium costs will apply and these costs are based on your age and the amount of additional insurance for which you are applying.